Qmay: 请战友积极转发海报,内容为5.4下午2:30律师会议雁平刑事案结案总结。 大幅度减少指控是检方主动提出的,慷慨的提议(最新起诉书S4)。 为什么在临近开庭,雁平正在积极准备,信心十足的时候,检方如此慷慨大方? 雁平的智慧,大义,无私无畏无我,令律师再三感叹:雁平是我今生见过最坚强的女性!感动!雁平是最棒的! 另外律师强调:雁平的结果对郭先生和我们的灭共团体没有任何不良影响! 既然律师都这样说,大家就不用担心了,我们向雁平致敬!为雁平干杯!


243号文件中英文版 Doc 243

En version; 中文版:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been conducting hacking attacks on U.S. soil. In 2017, when Miles Guo was on Lady May, its Wi-Fi was hacked and lost control in the Hudson River, which shows that the U.S. government’s defense to the CCP’s possible attack including hacking and cyber attack on the United States and its facilities is insufficient. #FreeMilesGuo

Mr. Bannon: 1) We need to free MilesGuo, who has done more than anyone to protect the U.S. from the poison of the CCP;2) The #1 objective of President Trump’s next term must be to take down the Xi Communist Party, the most evil dictatorship since Adolf Hitler. 班农 先生 :1)#郭文贵 保护美国不受中共的毒害,我们需要释放郭文贵!2)中国老百姓:你们有美国成千上万的爱国者和 NFSC 的支持。3)你不能说“中国”共产党来抹黑中国人的名声,中国很伟大。不是“中国”共产党,是“习”共党。4)川普总统下一任期的首要目标必须是完全 #AMFEST2023 #FreeMilesGuo

郭先生最新保释动议177, 178英文版在这里:The English version of Mr. Guo’s latest bail motion 177 and 178 is here:

177 178 https://nfscofficial.c…

09/02/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: After Miles Guo’s lawyer sent this motion on August 30, the Southern District Court immediately requested the government to respond to the motion before September 21. Miles Guo’s lawyer pointed out many violations of rights in the bankruptcy proceedings, and the procedure is also questionable. The Trustee Luc objected strongly, saying that it was an unprecedented attack on the procedure of bankruptcy, asking the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court to hold an immediate hearing. 09/02/2023 【Nicole看七哥】:郭先生律师在8月30号发出动议后,南区法院法官立即要求政府在9月21号前回应郭先生律师的动议。由于郭先生律师指出了过去破产案程序当中有很多侵权行为,而且这个程序都是值得质疑的,遭到了受托人Luc强烈反对,他说这是前所未有的对破产法庭程序的攻击,要求康州的破产法庭马上召开听证会。

Guo Wengui/Miles Guo Must Be Granted Bail After Court Shows Undeniable Bias #FreeMilesGuo

6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve K. Bannon (GETTR: @stevebannon): Miles Guo told me that the CCP has forcibly aborted 500 million fetuses, with 80% of them being female, leading to a significant population problem in mainland China! Yet, for those who claim to advocate for women’s rights, I don’t hear you when it comes to the CCP’s massacre of billions of Chinese baby girls. Where are you? 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农先生:文贵告诉了我,中共国有5亿胎儿被中共强制流产,其中80%是中国女婴,这是导致中国大陆出现巨大人口问题的原因!而那些所谓主张妇女权益的人士,当谈到中共屠杀数了以亿计的中国女婴时,我听不到你们的声音,你们在哪呢?


5月23日 Suspected Chinese Commun…

根哥你快回来,我们想你! 感谢青衣青青姐花了N个小时嗓子都快唱哑了才录制好的这首歌曲 《你快回来》, 战友们听的时候准备好纸巾.

根哥夫人也跟着根哥一起受苦了, 一个勇敢的男人背后也一定有一…

Anti-CCP activist #MilesGuo has been in prison for over a month for “fraud” w/o bail, yet these two (on the left) were caught operating an illegal Chinese police station, obtained bail & had their sponsor’s identity deleted

台湾22位GTV投资者视频证词: 我是G系列投资者,我的钱一直被卡在SEC,是SEC一直拖延不退还投资款。我没有被郭文贵先生诈骗,是SEC渎职、侵占,损害投资人的利益!我会保留法律追诉权。请立刻释放郭文贵先生 #FreeMilesGuo Video testimonies of 22 GTV investors from Taiwan Baodao Farm

04/09/2023 When racial discrimination or genocide against Chinese occurred around the world, the CCP government never set up a base to shelter the people affected. However, when the world is facing a lot of turmoil during the financial crisis, Mr. Miles Guo has prepared a base for the NFSC members. 04/09/2023【 #战友们参观新中国联邦基地】在世界各地发生对华人的种族歧视和大屠杀的时候,中共政府从未建造一个基地给华人来避难。而在金融危机和世界面临很多纷繁动乱的情况下,郭文贵先生给新中国联邦人打造了一个基地。

04/09/2023 The base prepared by Mr. Guo for fellow fighters shows his taste and love. Not only Chinese but Americans and the whole world are facing a revolution. Just as Jesus was chosen by God to save mankind from evil and suffering, the people of the NFSC are given the mission to take down the evil CCP. Miraculous signs that cannot be explained scientifically again showed that God is with the NFSC. 04/09/2023【 #战友们参观新中国联邦基地】 郭先生为战友准备的基地显示出他的品味和对战友的爱。不仅是中国人,美国人和全世界都面临一场革命。正如耶稣被上帝捡选来从邪恶和罪恶中拯救人类,上天赋予了新中国联邦人消灭邪恶中共的使命。无法用科学解释的奇迹一再显示,上天与新中国联邦同在。

04/10/2023 Nicole on Bannon’s War Room: America is not free until Mr. Mile Guo is free. Mr. Guo has the best knowledge and insight on how to find out about the CCP, so he is the best asset for the United States of America. He should be protected instead of being persecuted by the CCP-infiltrated DOJ and FBI. 04/10/2023 妮可做客班农《战斗室》:只有郭文贵先生重获自由,美国才能保住自由。郭先生对如何找出中共有最好的知识和见解,所以他是这个国家最好的资产。他应该受到保护,而不是受到中共渗透的司法部和联邦调查局的迫害。

2023.04.10 郭先生是在中共武器化的最大受害者。在Pras Michél的案子里,主流媒体都不敢提郭文贵先生的名字。 Mr. Miles Guo is the biggest victim of weaponization of the CCP. In Pras Michél’s case, the mainstream media is afraid to mention Mr. Miles Guo’s name.

04/10/2023 Steve Bannon discusses Mr. Miles Guo’s efforts to distinguish the Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and label the CCP as a transnational criminal organization. Mr. Miles Guo’s warnings about the CCP’s corruption and illegitimacy have influenced many hardliners in the USA. Miles Guo is currently in jail because the American sellouts and the CCP didn’t want him to testify at Pras Michel’s trial in Washington, D.C. about the corruption in the DOJ and the massive effort of the CCP to extradite Mr. Guo back to Beijing. 04/10/2023 史蒂夫·班农谈到了郭文贵先生在区分中国人与中国共产党并将中国共产党定义为跨国犯罪组织方面所做的努力。郭先生关于中共的腐败和非法性的警告已经影响了许多美国强硬派。郭先生目前身陷囹圄,是因为卖美贼和中共不想让他在普拉斯·米歇尔的审判中就美国司法部的腐败问题,以及中共试图将他引渡回北京所作的巨大努力去作证。

04/10/2023 Nicole from the NFSC: About 500 freedom loving Chinese fighters gathered on Saturday to fight for Mr. Miles Guo’s freedom, right across the street from Miles’s place at the Sherry Netherlands. Mr. Miles Guo helps America to claim independence from the CCP’s weaponization of USA’s federal government agencies. But as the target of the political witch hunt and prosecution, he is spending his days behind the bar. Nobody’s safe when the CCP controls this country’s rule of law and justice system. 04/10/2023 新中国联邦的妮可女士:大约500名热爱自由的中国斗士上周六聚集在一起为郭文贵先生的自由而战,就在郭文贵先生住处荷兰雪梨酒店的街对面。郭文贵先生帮助美国从中共对美国联邦政府机构的武器化中独立出来。但作为政治迫害和起诉的受害者,郭文贵先生却身陷囹圄。当中共控制这个国家的法治和司法系统时,没有人是安全的。


04/05/2023 在Wayne Dupree直播中,新中…

班农先生:川普总统、郭文贵先生以及他本人都因反中共而被起诉,而真正应被起诉的是中共这个跨国犯罪组织以及卖美贼们! Steve Bannon suggests that he, Donald Trump, and Miles Guo were indicted for anti-CCP

2023.04.08 FREE MILES GUO RALLY NEWYORK Living on Gettr 全球集会纽约站 正在盖特直播


郭文貴氏を釈放せよ、彼なら政府が伝えてくれない情報を教えてくれるWayne Dupree Podcast番組で、ニコル氏は、郭文貴氏が逮捕される数日前、ファウチ氏が武漢ウイルス研究所所長との親密な関係にあったことを暴露した。武漢ウイルス研究所は米国立衛生研究所(NIH)から数千万ドルの資金を獲得してウイルスの機能獲得実験に使用し、ウイルスを世界に放出し、最終的に百万以上のアメリカ人を殺した研究所である。郭文貴氏を釈放すれば、彼は政府機関が教えてくれない命を救う情報を提供できる。


04/06/2023 ​​​​Josh Feuerstein: Miles Guo has been a warning voice of American, warning us what will happen. A long time ago, he predicted what will happen to Steve Bannon and President Trump. If we want to know who is behind all of these actions, we should pay attention to him, and listen to what he said. 04/06/2023 约书亚·弗瑞施泰因:郭文贵一直在警告美国人,警告我们会发生什么。很久之前,他就预言了史蒂夫·班农和川普总统会发生什么。如果我们想知道所有这一切事件的背后主谋是谁,我们就需要关注他,并听听他怎么说。

04/06/2023 在美国第一新闻网节目中,妮可希望美国人帮助释放郭文贵先生,因为只有郭文贵先生获得自由,美国才会拥有真正的自由。打电话或者写信给你们选举的官员,要求立即对郭文贵先生的案件展开调查,因为美国司法系统的武器化在这些案件中展现的淋淋尽致。国家不会因外部侵略而亡,是由于内部的腐败才会灭亡。美国需要清除卖美贼。

04/06/2023 妮可再度做客约翰·弗雷德里克斯秀:中共正在将美国的司法系统武器化,以打倒美国。中共之所以如此痛恨郭文贵先生,是因为他早在2017年就警告过美国民众中共的3F计划和13579计划。郭先生现在被关进了监狱,如果这可以发生在郭先生身上,那么它也可能会发生在这个国家的任何持不同政见者身上 #FreeMilesGuo

4/6/2023 【Nicole’s interview with Kevin Alan】If Mr. Miles Guo had been allowed to testify at the trial of Pras Michel, many big guys who have been bought off by the CCP would have been exposed. That’s the most important reason why Mr. Guo’s bail request has been denied! 4/6/2023【凯文·艾伦采访妮可】如果郭文贵先生被允许为普拉斯·米歇尔庭的审作证,很多被中共收买的大佬们将被暴露,这就是郭先生无法获得保释的最重要原因!

“Miles Guo, Who’s Been Incarcerated In This Country, Violating His Rights, As A Known Citizen Of China Who Fled The CCP’s Tyranny, Came To This Country, Bringing Information About CCP Corruption. Well, How Does America Treat Mr. Guo? They Lock Him Up And Deny Him Bail. We’re Watching The Chinese Government Influence Our Legal System! This Is Exactly What We Should All Be Fearing The Most, Because We — As American Citizens — Do Not Want To Surrender Our Government. Believe Me, At The End Of The Day, You Don’t Want To Live In A Communist Country.”

#FreeMilesGuo Nicole (@Nicole7…

Nicole Tsai: CCP Undermining USA At Every Turn 中共每时每刻都在破坏美国

4/6/2023 【Nicole with Brandon Straka】 America can’t be considered a country with true freedom until Mr. Miles Guo is released. We must not lose hope, as people around the world are waking up to government overreach that is trying to restrict our liberties and fighting back against it. 4/6/2023 【妮可采访Brandon Straka】 美国在郭先生获得自由前不再是个自由之地。但是我们不要放弃希望,因为全世界的人都正在起来反抗这种企图限制我们自由权利的政府越权。

As early as April 19, 2018, Mr. Miles Guo said in the live broadcast that he had more than a dozen passports and returned them one by one. He applied for political asylum in the United States as a Hong Kong identity, and all of this complied with the laws of the United States. 早在2018年4月19日郭文贵先生就在直播中说到,他有十几本护照,后来都挨个退回去了, 以香港身份在美国申请了政治庇护,这一切都符合美国法律