03/30/2023 Nicole’s interview with Ann Vandersteel: Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has reportedly given large donations to prestigious universities such as Harvard and Yale. This is the problem, the CCP has controlled this country, including the VOA, the Hudson Institute, Wall Street, the NBA, and now even the DOJ, the FBI, and even the entire US justice system. The last stand in this country is people like us, the patriots, so we got to fight. 03/30/2023 妮可接受Ann Vandersteel采访:据报道,最近中共又向哈佛和耶鲁等著名大学提供了大量捐款。这就是问题所在,中共已经掌控了这个国家,包括VOA、哈德逊研究所、华尔街、NBA,甚至现在的司法部、联邦调查局以至整个美国司法系统。这个国家的最后阵地是像我们这样的老百姓、爱国者,所以我们必须奋起反抗。


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