03/29/2023 Nicole interview on Winn Tucson: Mr. Miles Guo is a victim of weaponization of the DOJ and FBI, which is why he was arrested. It is pure double standard for the same prosecutor to allow the founder of FTX to be released on a lower bail, but not allow Mr. Miles Guo, who is not a “flight risk” and does not pose a threat to the community, to be released on bail.

03/29/2023 妮可接受Winn Tucson电台采访:郭文贵先生是司法部和联邦调查局武器化的受害者,这就是他被逮捕的原因。同一位检查官允许FTX的创始人以一个较低的保释金保释出去,却不允许没有“潜逃”风险,也不会对社区构成威胁的郭先生保释,这纯粹是双重标准。


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