03/29/2023 In an interview with NFSC Speaks, Morgonn McMichael expresses her worries about the state of American freedoms, highlighting the weaponization of the government against the people. McMichael also points out the compromise of officials like Fauci and the censorship of those who try to expose it, including Miles Guo. She stresses the importance of fighting for the freedom protected by the Constitution, as the nation is under attack from both outside and inside forces.

03/29/2023 在接受新中国联邦采访时,摩根·麦克迈克尔表达了她对美国自由的担忧。她强调了政府被武器化后去对付人民的事实。麦克迈克尔还指出了像福奇这样的官员已经被中共收买,而像郭文贵先生这样揭露真相的却被政府噤声了。她强调要为受宪法保护的自由而战,因为国家正遭受来自外部和内部力量的攻击。


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