Why was #MilesGuo forcibly taken away by the FBI⁉️ This is not the first time Miles Guo has suffered injustice and persecution‼️

👉Please see how the #CCP colluded with the traitors of the USA to try to repatriate Miles Guo

⚡Michel’s trial for his involvement in the repatriation of Miles Guo began on March 27th in Washington

🔥Stay tuned to Red Leaf Justice as it tracks the progress of the case for you

为什么郭文贵先生会被FBI强制带走⁉️ 这不是郭先生第一次遭受不公和迫害‼️ 👉请看CCP是如何与 #卖美贼 勾兑企图遣返郭先生的—— #米歇尔 因参与遣返郭文贵先生,于3月27日在华盛顿开审


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