03/28/2023 Newsmax专栏作家兼Relentless Marketing的首席执行官比尔·罗宾逊呼吁保守派媒体报道遭到中共打压的郭文贵先生的故事。罗宾逊将郭文贵先生比作纳尔逊·曼德拉和甘地,并认为他的故事应该得到更多的关注。 罗宾逊认为,郭先生遭到中共渗透的美国司法部门的不公正待遇是暴政的一个例子,因此,保守派媒体必须团结起来对此事发声。

03/28/2023 Newsmax Columnist & CEO at Relentless Marketing Bill Robinson calls on conservative media outlets to cover the story of Miles Guo being targeted by the CCP. Robinson compared Miles Guo to Nelson Mandela and Gandhi and argued that his story deserves greater attention. Robinson believes that Mr. Guo’s unfair treatment by the U.S. DOJ infiltrated by the CCP is an example of tyranny. And the conservative media need to band together and speak out against it.


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