Independent journalist April Moss was interviewed, citing the revelation from the NFSC: Fauci and Wang Yanyi had an improper sexual relationship! Our federal government is so deeply infiltrated by the CCP! Last week, Miles Guo, the founder of the NFSC, was arrested by more than 100 FBI. What is even more shocking is that the apartment was actually set on fire while the FBI was investigating the apartment!

独立记者April Moss接受采访,引用新中国联邦的爆料:福奇与王延轶有不正当性关系!我们的联邦政府被中共渗透得如此之深!上周,新中国联邦创始人MilesGuo被100多名FBI抓走,更令人震惊的是,FBI正在公寓调查时,公寓竟然被纵火焚烧了!


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