3/25/2023 As reported by The Gateway Pundit, the Southern District of New York prosecutors once let the founder of FTX, who embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from clients, be released on bail pending trial; in addition, many suspects in violent cases in the State of New York were even released without bail despite video evidence. Why do the SNDY prosecutors adamantly oppose Miles Guo’s bail release? Are they employing the same double standards as the CCP?

3/25/2023 网关专家新闻网站报道,纽约南区检察官曾经让挪用客户上亿美元的FTX创始人交保侯审; 此外,纽约州对很多有视频为证的暴力案件嫌疑者甚至都予以无保释放;为什么纽约南区检察官却坚决反对文贵先生取保候审?他们和中共一样采用双标吗?


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