03/25/2023 Nicole Tsai of the New Federal State of China on the Wise Guys with John Tabacco Show of NewsMax: Our movement have become the target of FBI, DOJ, and American federal government agencies and Mr. Miles Guo was taken to federal custody. This is because he has been exposing the CCP’s most secretive crimes against humanity, corruption, and CCP’s BGY plan. However, regular Chinese people are completely different from the CCP and they are persecuted by the CCP.

03/25/2023 新中国联邦的妮可参加NewsMax的John Tabacco与智者访谈节目:我们的运动已经成为FBI、司法部、和美国联邦政府机构的目标,郭文贵先生也被联邦拘留,这是因为他一直在揭露中共最隐秘的反人类罪行、腐败、和中共的蓝金黄计划。但是,普通中国人和中共完全不一样,他们在受中共的迫害。


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