2020-0419: After the VOA 419 blackout, Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, and Meng Jianzhu took advantage of Gong Xiaoxia’s lies to create the greatest fear for Xi Jinping and the commuist party, and used the silent power of the United States and countless interests to arrest my family. just trying to get me back to China to cover up their scandal! 2020-0419: VOA 419断播门后习近平、王岐山、孟建柱利用了龚小夏的撒谎制造了习近平和党内最大的恐惧,动用了美国的沉默力量,和数不尽的利益,抓捕虐待七哥的家人,就为了把七哥弄回中国,掩盖它们的丑闻!


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