Mr. Miles Guo broke the news on March 20, 2022: The Communist Party has studied that there are about seventy earth plates in Taiwan from the South Island to the North Island. Next, they can use any submarine or an underwater bomb to move them. The Taiwan earthquake 100% earthquake, and no matter how big the earthquake is, it can’t control it. The Communist Party would really do this. 郭文贵先生2022年3月20日爆料: 共产党已经研究好台湾从南岛到北岛, 大概有七十个地球板块,就下面他用任何一个潜水艇, 一个水下炸弹把那咣当一动, 台湾地震百分之百地震, 而且地震多大, 它还控制不了, 共产党真会这么干


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