Mr. Guo Wengui’s live broadcast on February 12, 2020: Wengui used 50 billion US dollars in assets, the lives of his whole family, and three years to prove to you the evil of the CCP: the Jack Ma incident, the HNA Wang Jian incident, the Chen Feng incident, the Sun Yao incident, The Guanjun incident, the Liu Chengjie incident, the Meng Hongwei incident, the progress of Sino-US trade, the truth about the Hong Kong movement, the CCP preparing quasi-chemical weapons for Hong Kong, how to arrest people during the Hong Kong movement… there was not a single lie or a wrong statement.

郭文贵先生2020.02.12直播: 文贵用五百亿美元的资产、用全家的生命、用三年时间证明给你们看中共的邪恶:马云事件、海航王健事件、陈峰事件、孙瑶事件、贯君事件、刘呈杰事件、孟宏伟事件、中美贸易进展、香港运动真相、中共给香港准备了准化学武器、香港运动怎么抓人……没有一次撒谎、没有一次说错。


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