2022-0219 Mr. Wengui’s video review. Luc Despins once threatened Mr. Guo Wenfei with US$250 million. Mr. Guo’s lawyer said: How could he give you US$250 million? Where would he get US$250 million? “Luc said something: “If I throw him into prison, he will say yes. “Also, Luc used the IRS and SEC to threaten Mr. Guo. LUC said in court that he meets with the Department of Justice, IRS and SEC every week. Why do they meet every week?

20220219 文贵先生视频回顾

Luc Despins 曾威胁郭文费先生两亿伍仟万美元。郭先生律师说:他怎么给你两亿伍仟万美元,他上哪拿两亿伍仟万美元。“Luc说了句话:“我把他扔到监狱去他就会说yes了。”还有Luc用美国IRS税务局,SEC来威肋郭先生,LUC在法庭上说他每周都跟司法部 IRS SEC见面,请问他们每周都见面干嘛?


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