Three years ago (2020), on Warroom, Miles Guo warned the U.S. and Jews are the targets of the evil CCP. In 2017, Miles Guo revealed the CCP’s chemical and bioweapons programs in Washington, DC, but no one acted on the intel. The Axis of Evil, organized & funded by the CCP, may release more viruses to overwhelm the U.S. and its allies. Don’t forget that the CCP is a terrorist group. It killed tens of millions of Chinese people to release and spread COVID-19 to the world in late 2019 and early 2020. They will do it again if needed! They have 0 regard for human lives! Darkness is here! Please decouple the CCP, declare them a terrorist group and sanction the CCP kleptocrat families. information about the CCP’s Please pay attention


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