09/02/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: After Miles Guo’s lawyer sent this motion on August 30, the Southern District Court immediately requested the government to respond to the motion before September 21. Miles Guo’s lawyer pointed out many violations of rights in the bankruptcy proceedings, and the procedure is also questionable. The Trustee Luc objected strongly, saying that it was an unprecedented attack on the procedure of bankruptcy, asking the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court to hold an immediate hearing. 09/02/2023 【Nicole看七哥】:郭先生律师在8月30号发出动议后,南区法院法官立即要求政府在9月21号前回应郭先生律师的动议。由于郭先生律师指出了过去破产案程序当中有很多侵权行为,而且这个程序都是值得质疑的,遭到了受托人Luc强烈反对,他说这是前所未有的对破产法庭程序的攻击,要求康州的破产法庭马上召开听证会。


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