09/02/2023 【Miles’ Insight】: The government thought the Mahwah base was involved in the criminal case. But now the Trustee wants to sell the base in haste before the trial for the criminal case. And the income will all be used to pay for Trustee’s attorney fees, rather than the so-called victim. But the Mahwah base is critical evidence for Miles Guo’s exculpation. The lawyer thinks this has violated the Brady rights of Miles Guo. 09/02/2023 【Nicole看七哥】:政府认为Mahwah基地涉及刑事案件,然而刑事案件还没开始庭审,受托人就匆忙地要将基地卖掉。而且,卖基地所得的钱将全部用于支付受托人的律师费,而不是为了赔偿所谓的受害者。 而Mahwah基地是郭先生释罪的重要证据。刑事案律师认为这侵犯了郭先生的Brady权利。


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