08/16/2023 Aila on ‘Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner’: Organ Harvest is CCP’s notorious human rights violation abuses. Mr. Miles Guo stated in his previous broadcasts that most CCP government officials used to be tied into the organ black market. Because when their health comes into the condition, they need a fresh organ to support the longevity of their life. I believe Uyghurs and college students in the top elite schools are the primary targets of this organ harvesting from the Chinese Communist Party. 08/16/2023 小飞象做客《战场前线:与达斯汀·福克纳战斗在前线》节目:活摘器官是中共又一臭名昭著的侵犯人权行为。郭文贵先生此前曾在直播中提到,大多中共政府官员都与器官黑市有关联。因为当他们的健康出问题时,他们需要一个新鲜的器官来延续生命。我认为维吾尔人以及中共国顶级精英学校的大学生是中共活摘器官的主要对象。


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