08/16/2023 Aila on ‘Battlefront: Frontline with Dustin Faulkner’: The CCP has already succeeded in utilizing COVID-19 as a biological weapon to launch it against the West. And now a CCP-owned bio lab is found in California. The US government should absolutely establish strong law enforcement actions against the CCP to establish any bioweapon lab in this country and even needs to step forward that we should not let the CCP initiate any kind of bioweapon-related activities. It’s not just to protect the US, but also to protect the world. 08/16/2023 小飞象做客《战场前线:与达斯汀·福克纳战斗在前线》节目:中共已成功地利用新冠病毒作为生物武器对西方世界发起了攻击。现在加州又发现了一个中共的生物实验室。美国政府必须采取强有力的执法行动,以阻止中共在这个国家建立任何生物武器实验室。也需要进一步采取行动,不能让中共发起任何形式的生物武器活动。这不仅仅是为了保护美国,更是为了保护整个世界。


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