8/17/2023 【Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show @stinchfield1776】A video from the BBC reveals that CCP’s cameras have been installed in the British Home Office’s lobby. Grant Stinchfield remarks that the CCP has infiltrated the U.S. power grid and is also capable of infiltrating the security systems and cameras of the U.S. and its allies. Nicole Tsai points out that Mr. Miles Guo had already issued warnings about the CCP’s spyware, and the root cause lies in the ties between the U.S. and the CCP. 8/17/2023 【妮可做客Grant Stinchfield Show节目】BBC的视频显示,中共的摄像头被安装到了英国内政部大厅。格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德表示,中共渗透了美国的电网,也能渗透美国及其盟国的安全系统和摄像头。妮可指出,郭文贵先生早就对中共的间谍软件发出了警告,其根源在于美国跟中共的挂钩。


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