FOC Show: The CCP is Hacking You! – Ava Chen; What Are The BRICS Planning With August 22nd Durban Accords? – Economic Update The CCP controls the exits of 40% of the world’s modules, accessible to hackers. When people enter their passwords on their cell phones, they can see everything, and Guo Wengui’s intelligence tells us that the CCP wants to control Americans’ internet systems in order to cripple America’s critical infrastructure 中共实际控制了40%的网络模组出口,并且是可以让黑客进入的。当人们在手机上输入密码时,他们可以看得一清二楚,郭文贵的情报告诉我们,中共要控制美国人的互联网系统,以瘫痪美国的关键基础设施i


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