08/17/2023 Aila on Liberty Hour: The CCP is famous for picturing a rosy image for its own citizens and trying to defraud the investment from the West. Nowadays, the CCP’s banking systems and the real estate properties are facing the same issues, they do not have enough money to repay debts. Miles Guo has been broadcasting over the past years and whistleblowing about the danger of CCP’s shadow banking and real estate market, which will drag the US economy into hell. 08/17/2023 小飞象做客Liberty Hour:中共擅长描绘美好的景象来欺骗自己的国民并忽悠西方来投资。现在,中共国的银行体系和房地产市场都面临同样的问题,它们没有足够的资金来偿还债务。郭文贵多年来一直在直播中爆料,中共的影子银行和房地产市场会让美国的经济万劫不复。


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