8/16/2023 【Ava on Outside the Beltway @RealAmVoice】Ava Chen: Why did Mr. Miles Guo receive ten lawsuits filed against him in the U.S. within 150 days after he launched the Whistleblowers’ Movement in January 2017? Why is it that the Western mainstream media and journalists cite all those cases from the CCP’s courts? 8/16/2023 【Ava做客Outside the Beltway节目】Ava:为什么郭文贵先生于2017年1月发起爆料革命后的150天内他就在美国收到对他发起的10起诉讼? 为什么西方主流媒体和记者们引用的都是那些中共的法庭案例?


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