7/13/2023 Former Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Cai Esheng, has been tried and pleaded guilty! As early as 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that Cai Esheng, the founding father of Communist China’s trust industry, would be investigated by Xi Jinping. Mr. Guo also pointed out that the total value of financial notes in the CCP’s trust industry had reached a staggering 7 trillion yuan and is filled with numerous fraudulent activities. The fake economic prosperity of the CCP cannot last much longer! 7/13/2023 中共国前银监会副主席蔡鄂生受审并认罪!早在2021年,郭文贵先生就爆出,中共国的信托之父蔡鄂生会被习近平调查。郭先生当时还指出,中共信托业的票据已达7万亿人民币之多并充斥着大量造假,中共的假擀面杖子经济撑不了多久了!


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