07/10/2023 Nicole on The John Fredericks Show: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has videotapes of all American politicians, lawyers, judges, and diplomats accepting sex bribes when they visit China, and that’s why the CCP can force them into total compliance. It’s also one of the reasons why Miles Guo remains in federal prison and has been denied bail. They don’t like the Chinese whistleblower. 07/10/2023 妮可做客The John Fredericks Show:中共拥有所有美国政客、律师、法官和外交官访问中国时接受性贿赂的录像带,这就是为什么中共可以迫使他们完全服从。这也是为什么郭文贵仍然被关押在联邦监狱且被拒绝保释的原因之一,因为他们不喜欢这位中国吹哨人。


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