07/08/2023 Nicole on @WayneDupreeShow: Shan Weijian, a CCP ministry level agent, is now managing the CCP’s largest private equity firm PAX, with more than $45 billion assets under management.He touts the CCP’s theory of engagement to Americans on mainstream media, “If you don’t invest in Communist China, you’re missing the boat”. That’s how he scammed hundreds of billions of dollars from the American people’s public pension fund. 07/08/2023 妮可作客《Wayne Dupree Show》:单伟建是中共的一名部级特工,他管理着中共最大的私募股权公司太盟亚洲机会基金,资产管理规模超过450亿美元。他在主流媒体上向美国人鼓吹中共的接触政策“如果不投资中共国,就会错失良机”。正是通过这种方式,他从美国人民的公共养老基金中骗取了数千亿美元。


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