0627 Ava Chen on Ryan Matta show “Breaking News: The Biden Crime Families Days Are Numbered” Harvest Fund’s Henry Zhao and Hunter Biden co-founded Bohai Harvest RST; the co-founder of one of Henry Zhao’s other companies is Jia Liqing. Her father is Jia Chunwang, who is the Minister of State Security of the CCP, Jia Li Qing’s father-in-law is Liu Yunshan, one of the CCP kleptocrats, who is in charge of the CCP Propaganda Department. 嘉实基金的赵学军和亨特拜登联合创办渤海华美,赵学军的另外一家公司的联合创始人是贾丽青,她的父亲是贾春旺,他是中共国家安全部部长;贾丽青的公公是中共盗国贼之一,负责中共宣传部的刘云山 。


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