06/16/2023 Nicole on One America News: We have many great friends in the congress who have recognized that NFSC is America’s biggest ally and the most important asset to take down the CCP. However, there are also many American sellouts and the CCP’s proxies. They hold important positions in the White House, in the justice system and in Wall Street. These people are harming both the American people and the Chinese people. So your fight is our fight, and we are all in this together. 06/16/2023 妮可参加《同一个美国新闻》节目:我们在国会拥有很多非常棒的朋友。他们都认为新中国联邦是美国灭共最大的盟友和最重要的资产。然而,还有很多卖美贼和中共代理人。他们在白宫、司法系统以及华尔街担任担任重要职位。这些人在同时伤害美国人民和中国人民。因此,你们的战斗就是我们的战斗。我们一起同处在这场战斗中。


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