06/16/2023 Nicole on One America News: I’m constantly worried not only about my personal safety, but I worried about Miles Guo and Yvette Wang’s safety. And we fear that we will be ended in the hands of the American sellout before we can take down the CCP. So every day, we’re risking our life to be here to tell the American people the truth that this country has been sold out by the sellouts. And that’s why we have to speak up. We have to fight like it was in 1776. 06/16/2023 妮可参加《同一个美国新闻》节目:我一直担心的不仅是我个人的安危,还有郭文贵先生和王雁平女士的安危。我们担心在我们推翻中共之前,我们会被终结在卖美贼手中。因此,每天,我们都在冒着生命危险告诉美国人民真相,即这个国家已经被卖美贼出卖了。这就是为什么我们需要发声,需要像在1776年一样战斗。


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