06/16/2023 Nicole on One America News: Before we start worrying about the CCP spy operation outside the US continent, let’s worry about the CCP‘s weaponizations of the US federal government agencies to persecute their political opponents on American soil. CCP’s No.1 enemy Miles Guo and the former President Donald Trump have become the victims of the CCP’s weaponizations of the U.S. government. We want America to decouple with the communist China, instead of continuing the engagement with the CCP. 06/16/2023 妮可参加《同一个美国新闻》节目:在我们担心中共在美国大陆之外的间谍操作之前,我们更应担心中共将美国联邦政府机构武器化在美国土地上迫害其政治对手的问题。中共头号敌人郭文贵和前总统川普都成为中共将美国政府武器化的受害者。我们期望美国与中共国脱钩,而不是继续与中共接触。


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