6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: Why don’t the DOJ and FBI take any measures to stop the infiltration of the CCP in the US? Why is Mr. Miles Guo falsely accused and unable to obtain bail after being arrested? Why are they treating Mr. Guo in such a manner? We are losing this country! 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:为什么美国司法部、联邦调查局不采取任何措施阻止中共在美国的渗透?为什么郭文贵先生被诬告并遭逮捕后无法得到保释?他们为何要如此对待郭文贵先生?我们正在失去美国这个国家!


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