6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: The CCP has been waging unrestricted warfare against the U.S. for ages without firing a single shot. If the U.S. stops funding the CCP, ends its economic engagement with the CCP, and ceases to buy products made in China, the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers’ Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo have the confidence to take down the CCP from within in a short period of time. 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:长久以来,中共使用不用开一枪一炮的超限战来攻击美国。只要美国停止资助中共,停止对中共的经济合作,停止购买中共国制造的产品,由郭文贵先生发起的新中国联邦和爆料革命就有信心在短时间内从内部瓦解消灭中共。


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