6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: I applaud Congressman George Santos for introducing the “Guo Act of 2023”, which aims to stop the CCP from corrupting U.S. government officials. Mr. Bannon said that half of the officials in Washington are on Beijing’s payroll. The real threat to the U.S. is not from the South China Sea but inside federal government agencies. 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:我要为乔治∙桑托斯议员鼓掌,因为他提出了重要的《2023年郭法案》旨在停止中共腐化美国政府官员。像班农先生所说,华盛顿有一半官员都从北京拿薪水,美国真正的威胁不是来自南中国海,而是来自联邦政府机构内部。


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