6/15/2023【Nicole on The Prather Brief】Nicole: Taiwan has provided a great example for the Chinese people to successfully achieve democracy, which has instilled extreme fear in the CCP. So, the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan is a real and imminent threat! We hope that the U.S. takes a tough stance against the CCP. However, the question remains: can the U.S. resist the CCP’s infiltration and release Mr. Miles Guo, their number one enemy? 6/15/2023【妮可做客The Prather Brief】妮可:台湾为中国人提供了一个能成功实现民主的伟大榜样,这让中共恐惧至极!所以,中共打台湾是真正迫在眉睫的威胁!我们希望美国对中共强硬起来。但问题是,美国能抵御中共的渗透并释放中共的头号敌人郭文贵先生吗?


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