6/12/2023 Nicole on Stinchifield Tonight: Mr. Miles Guo exposed in advance that CCP used the Bahamas as a spy base to spy on the United States. Miles has accurately predicted the CCP’s 13579 plan, which is also known as a bioweapon against the US. He also warned the United States about the CCP’s three-F strategy to take down America, that is to foment weakness, foment chaos and foment destruction from within. The only way is for America to decouple from China. 6/12/2023 妮可参加 Stinchifield Tonight 节目:郭先生提前曝光中共国在利用巴哈马作为间谍基地来监视美国。他准确地预测了中共的“13579计划”;该计划也被称为针对美国的生物武器计划。他还警告了中共毁灭美国的3F战略,即从内部搞弱、搞乱、搞死美国。而美国唯一的办法就是和中共国脱钩。 


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