6/12/2023 Grant Stinchfield: Our friend and founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo, warned us as early as last year that the Chinese Communist Party had long since deployed military forces in Cuba. And our State Department, Defense Department, and intelligence agencies are just beginning to figure this out. Or maybe they’re all lying. 6/12/2023 格兰特·斯廷奇菲尔德:我们的朋友、新中国联邦创始人郭先生早在去年就曾警告我们,中共早已在古巴部署了军事力量;而美国国务院、国防部、情报机构才刚刚开始弄清楚这个问题,或许他们都在撒谎。 #释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平


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