6.10.2023 Nicole on OAN: It’s not surprising that the CCP is going to build a spy station in Cuba, as Miles Guo, the #1 enemy of the CCP, has warned the American federal government agencies and the entire world years ago. So nowadays, people have to rely on the Wikipedia leak and the Pentagon paper and the whistleblowers to learn about the truth, because certainly the American government, the press secretary and the White House are certainly not telling American people the facts. #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6.10.2023 妮可接受OAN采访:几年前,中共头号敌人郭先生已警告过美国联邦政府机构及全世界,中共将在古巴建立中共间谍站。现在事实发生了,这并不意外。显然,美国政府、新闻发言人和白宫都没有告诉美国人民事实真相,人们现在必须依靠维基解密、五角大楼文件和爆料人才能了解真相。 #释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平


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