6.10.2023 Nicole on OAN: New York Congressman George Santos unveiled the Guo Act of 2023, after Miles Guo, one of the most vocal opponents of the genocidal CCP, was arrested on federal false charges of fraud and denied bail. This Bill was long overdue as the CCP has been infiltrating the US federal government agencies for ages, which is a great threat to American national security. #FreeMilesGuo 6.10.2023 妮可接受OAN采访:文贵先生是对中共种族灭绝暴行最直言不讳的反对者之一;纽约国会议员乔治·桑托斯在郭文贵被以构陷的欺诈罪被捕并被拒绝保释后,提出了《2023郭法案》;中共渗透美国联邦政府机构几十年,对美国国家安全构成了巨大威胁,这项法案早该出台了。


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