6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Steve K. Bannon (GETTR: @stevebannon): The Cultural Revolution was humanity’s greatest catastrophe of the 20th century, second only to the Holocaust! In the 20th century, 250 million people were massacred due to the CCP, Nazism, and fascism, making it the bloodiest century in human history. During the Cultural Revolution, the CCP weaponized Chinese children and students to undermine the foundations of Chinese society—the love for family and parents, as well as traditions. 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】班农先生:文革是20世纪仅次于纳粹大屠杀的人类大劫难!20世纪有2亿五千万人因中共、纳粹、法西斯主义而被屠戮,这是人类最血腥的世纪。中共在文革中武器化了中国孩子和学生去瓦解中国社会的基石 – 对家庭和父母的爱以及传统。


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