6.8.2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Tonight: The CCP has planted their Trojan horses inside America. A lot of the figures at the highest levels of the US government have ties with the CCP. That’s why I applaud Congressman George Santos for introducing the Guo Act of 2023, as it will stop the CCP’s infiltration in the US federal government agencies by coming up with more stringent compliance standards on people holding important positions inside the DOJ and the FBI. #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6.8.2023 妮可做客 Grant Stinchfield Tonight 节目:中共已经在美国国内植入了木马病毒,大量美国最高层官员都与中共有关联。这是我赞扬乔治·桑托斯提出的《2023郭法案》的原因。这项法案将阻止中共渗透美国联邦政府机构,加强在司法部和联邦调查局担任重要职位的合规标准。#释放郭文贵 #释放王雁平


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