According to reports, the CCP plans to establish a spy base in Cuba, 100 miles off Florida. But this is nothing surprising. In fact, the CCP has already infiltrated the United States. The CCP uses overseas secret police to monitor us, and the CCP has also infiltrated the U.S. Department of Justice. One example is that the FBI used false charges to help the CCP arrest Miles Guo, a CCP dissident who had been against the CCP and had been warning the United States of the threat of the CCP. 报道称,中共要在距佛罗里达百英里之外的古巴建立一个间谍基地。但这没什么可惊讶的,实际上,中共早已渗透到美国内部。中共利用海外秘密警察局监控我们,中共还渗透到了美国司法部,其中一个例子是FBI用虚假的指控帮助中共逮捕了一直反共,并一直在提前给美国预警中共威胁的中共异见人士郭文贵!


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