6/5/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast】Mr. Miles Guo, who is fighting for ordinary people in both China and America, is a giant of our time and a hero to the American people! Unlike many American billionaires, he has given up a luxurious life to fight for individuals like us who can’t make their voices heard and lack a platform to speak. That is also why, yesterday, three current U.S. Congress members attended the third anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China. The NFSC is America’s best asset and ally! 6/5/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】妮可:为中美两国老百姓而战的郭文贵先生是我们这个时代的巨人,也是美国人的英雄!跟很多美国亿万富翁不一样,郭先生放弃了豪华的生活,为我们的没有发声渠道和平台的小人物抗争。这也是为什么昨天有三位现任美国众议员来参加新中国联邦三周年庆典。美国最好的资产、最强大的盟友就是新中国联邦!


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