6/5/2023 【Nicole on Wayne Dupree Podcast】The CCP’s Plan for Eliminating White People, exposed by Mr. Miles Guo, is confirmed by the EDNY legal documents regarding the 912 Project. According to the documents, the CCP’s “912 Special Project Working Group” posted hateful comments against white people and meddled with US politics through fake social media accounts. Nevertheless, the mainstream media has not reported on it until today! 6/5/2023 【妮可做客韦恩·杜普里秀的节目】文贵先生曝光的中共灭白计划在纽约东区有关912项目的法律文件中得到了验证。法律文件指出,中共的912项目特别工作组通过伪造的社交媒体账号发布针对白人的仇恨性评论并干涉美国内政,可时至今日主流媒体对此并没有进行报道!


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