06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Jeremy Herrell(GETTR:@jeremyherrell), CEO of LFA TV: The best way to get support from Americans who are unaware of the CCP’s evil deeds and what happened to Mr. Miles Guo is to tie the CCP’s atrocities to it and show it to Americans in a video form, using the truth to wake them up. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】LFA TV首席执行官Jeremy Herrell(GETTR:@jeremyherrell):对于那些对中共恶行以及郭文贵先生遭遇完全不知情的美国人,唤醒他们最好的方式是将中共的暴行与之联系起来,通过视频的形式展示给美国人,用真相来“操控”他们。


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