06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Connie Morgan sends greetings to NFSC for their third anniversary. She says Jun 4,2023 is a special day for both the NFSC and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On Jun 4,1989, a lot of Chinese young people were fighting for democracy. She feels sorry and sad to know Miles Guo and Yvette Wang are not here today, but she is optimistic that once they finished their trial, they both will be vindicated. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】康妮·摩根为新中国联邦三周年纪念日送上祝福。她说2023年6月4日对于新中国联邦来说是一个特殊的日子,同时也是天安门大屠杀的纪念日。在1989年6月4日,很多中国年轻人曾为中国的民主而斗争。她感到很遗憾和伤心郭文贵先生和王雁平女士没能参加今年的纪念日。但是她非常乐观,一旦审判结束,他们两个都会被证明是清白无辜的。


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