06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Wise Guys hosts Cara Castronuova (@CARACASTRONUOVA) and John Tabacco(@johntabacco) encourage people to keep spreading the truth and fighting the fight. Cara says that the CCP wants the Chinese people to worship the government instead of worshiping God. But when you start worshiping God, freedom comes with it. John says we are in a war between good and evil. We need to spread truths to more people, because the voice of the people is louder than any mainstream media. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】Wise Guys主持人卡拉·卡斯特诺娃(@CARACASTRONUOVA) 和约翰·特巴科(@johntabacco)鼓励大家继续传播真相,坚持战斗。卡拉说,中共国想让中国人信奉政府而不是信奉上帝。但是当你开始信奉上帝时,自由也随之而来。约翰说,我们正处于善与恶的斗争中。我们要向更多的人传播真相,因为人民的声音比任何主流媒体都要响亮。


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