06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Host of Conservative Daily, former prosecutor David Clements(GETTR:@theprofessorsrecord): The truth has been on the side of Miles Guo for years. And he’s such a liability for a corrupt DOJ and corrupt FBI. It’s actually more dangerous if he were to flee home to China. So based on those two things, he should be out today. And more importantly you can see the disparate treatment between him and Sam Bankman-Fried with similar charging. He’s out. 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】 《保守派日报》的主持人,前检察官大卫·克莱门茨(GETTR:@theprofessorsrecord):数年来真相一直站在郭文贵先生这边。对于腐败的司法部、腐败的联邦调查局,无论如何他都是个隐患。如果他逃回中共国,实际上更加危险。基于这两点,他今天应该被释放。更重要的是,郭文贵与受类似指控的山姆·班克曼-弗里德遭受着迥然不同的待遇,弗里德却是自由的。


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