06/04/2023【NFSC 3rd Anniversary 】Rep. Paul Gosar (GETTR:@realpaulgosar) encourages more people to stand up against the CCP’s attack on the free world and all freedom loving people, and work collectively to destroy communist infiltration and corruption. With the help of the US policy, China grew at a record rate economically, but freedom and individual liberty remained unchanged. What good is money if you’re a slave to the state? 06/04/2023【新中国联邦三周年】众议员保罗·戈萨尔(GETTR:@realpaulgosar)鼓励更多人站出来反抗中共对自由世界和所有热爱自由的人的攻击,共同努力摧毁共产主义的渗透和腐败。在美国对华政策的帮助下,中国的经济以惊人的速度增长,但自由状况却未改变。如果你成为国家的奴隶,金钱有什么用?


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