6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Col. John Mills (GETTR: @colonelretjohn), retired: Due to my work, I got to know that there are two Chinas: the CCP kleptocrats and the ordinary Chinese people. My two daughters adopted from China are also aware that the CCP has destroyed the country with its (abortion) war on baby girls. So we want to free Miles Guo and take down the CCP! #NFSC #takedowntheCCP #FreeMilesGuo #FreeYvetteWang 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】退役军人约翰·米尔斯上校:由于工作原因,我知道中国有两部分人:中共盗国贼和普通老百姓,我从中国领养的两个女儿也知道中共对女婴的扼杀已经完全毁掉了这个国家,所以我们要释放郭文贵、消灭中共!


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