6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Former congressional candidate Cait Corrigan: America is under attack by the CCP and we have been infiltrated in every sense of the word. The mission and work of the New Federal State of China resonated with me deeply and I look forward to continuing the work of promoting freedom for all people and supporting the mission of the NFSC. 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】前国会议员候选人凯特·柯瑞根:美国正在受到中共的攻击、并已被它完全渗透。我对新中国联邦的使命与工作产生了深深的共鸣,我期待继续为所有人争取自由、支持新中国联邦的使命。


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