6/4/2023 【NFSC 3rd Anniversary】Kelly John Walker, the founder of FreedomTalk, writer, and entrepreneur, has also experienced persecution by the weaponized U.S. judicial system. His personal experiences motivated him to delve into and expose the truth of Mr. Miles Guo’s case. More conscientious Americans are siding with the NFSC and joining us in the #FreeMilesGuo campaign! 6/4/2023 【新中国联邦三周年】美国FreedomTalk创始人、作家和企业家凯利·约翰·沃克也经历了被武器化的美国司法系统的迫害。他的亲身感受使得他愿意深入研究郭先生的案例,并将真相变成文字公布于世。越来越多有良知的美国人和新中国联邦站在了一起,投入到了 #释放郭文贵 的运动中!


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